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Common sense of viatic health care
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1. travelsHealth careFoundation

Go out journey, the item that needs an attention is very much, but from sanitarian respect for, want to do good the following:

Prevent catch cold catch coldCold: Age travels, climate is changeful, should accomplish spring outing not to decrease the garment, bring rain gear even, in case accident wind and cloud, make body catch cold catch cold. Late difference in temperature of autumnal early midday is big, Old peopleAirframe immunity and disease-resistant ability drop, should follow dress of climate change increase and decrease, prevent cold of catch cold catch cold.

Food should tell sanitation: Appropriate of the food in journey is delicate, take convenient side less, eat vegetable fruit more, preventConstipation. Not the food with not wholesome, unqualified edible and beverage, do not drink water of spring, pond and river water. Be in as far as possible have dinner of dwelling place dining-room, tableware of provide for oneself and water are provided, go to the lavatory already wholesome.

Avoid excessive exhaustion: By train the person is much more crowded, railroad car dare dirty; Bump by car fierce, times feeling is fatigue. Long-distance journey had better take old people sleeper or plane, also can go to before section, viatic program arranges appropriate pine to should not be close, vivid momentum shoulds not be too big, when visitting, delay of travel pace appropriate, successive, the uprise that climb mountain wants do according to one's abilities, lest overworked is excessive, impose heavy heart burden, cardiac muscle is short of blood anoxic, cause have a recurrence of an old illness. If appear dazed, have a headache or when the heartbeat is unusual, should on the spot rests or go to a doctor.

Abode is comfortable and peaceful: To assure everyday 6 to 8 hoursMorpheus, accommodation condition is not begged luxurious, but beg comfortable and quiet, choose 2 to 4 worlds, with accompany person or travelling companion to be in a room, facilitate take care of. Do not want graph be economical to stay in room of damp, dark, congested, lest affect Morpheus, physical strength is not raised, or cause a disease.

Base of hot water bubble is used before sleeping every night, when sleeping, mix crus foot a bit block up, in case lower limbs oedema.

2. relies on double foot journey to need sanitarian common sense of the attention

Outdoors journey basically relies on double foot, the double step that uses oneself makes the same score a road all right, ascend climb mountain ridge, cross bridge ford. The thing that there are many sciences in outdoors activity on foot needs to learn.

It is to start above all appropriate delay: Go out the journey should take a paragraph of car first commonly, just get off on foot, if be long-distance,take a car, get off start when mountain-climbing must the pace is a few slower, in order to make oneself body gets used to athletic condition stage by stage. Can appear otherwise flustered, dizziness and wait for a state feebly.
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