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On journey mix less the person chitchat that is not acquainted
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Go up in journey as far as possible little with the person chitchat that is not acquainted, what can assure journey is safe, the 2 expenditure that can reduce similar introducing to expend.

One, assure safety

Went 1990 when travel of Home Zhang group, before hearing, before long a pair of newlywed go to travel of Home Zhang group, because be on the train,count money namely (they took) of 2000 yuan of money, a passenger that lets be the same as a car discovered, follow them to reach the devious point of scene area all the time, result two people be murdered is dead. It is so in travel road, had better not plan your travel to tell the person that is not acquainted, must notice this to outlying area travel especially, safety first must be remembered well when travel.

2, can avoid intermediary to expend expenditure

Be in area of a few travel, some local enter hotel to send you, in order to obtain intermediary fee, can follow you to be on half day time all the time. When I ascended Mount Hua 1998, just into the gate 3 people follow me all the time, the first what follow my accompany actively is one wears person of security personnel dress, again respectively two middleaged women part later above hill is hit mahjong and on hill deal follows me to go together, introduce the accommodation on hill actively to nod to me. When me the decision is in when take up one's quarters, they followed to go in, at that time is December travel is off-season, I am a person, but the boss raises house money 100 yuan, when cutting price, I see the boss appears to be reluctant, I give 70 yuan later, put forward to be no good I climb toward hill again (the day already brushed black) at that time, go up together with me a few people of hill are minatory first my dark on hill insecure, when they see I must go, among them an ability says to the boss 70 70, assent in theirs next bosses just dare agree. Came up against the couple of a pair of travel on hill the following day, they say accommodation spent 200 yuan, boss of after the event tells them, because they let others dog,be, can spend 70 yuan less the least otherwise.

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