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Why be journey mental disease?
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Case of illness] Laowang's son is Wuhan what some college is reading is big 2 students, live in country high this world, rested last year after summer vacation, the bottom reached a town by the car in August, did not make rest to be changed again by train return to school after the vacation. Weather is torrid at that time, height of return to school after the vacation of comfortable Feng Xuesheng, the fare is particularly much, he did not buy seat ticket again, stand in railroad car of crowded, windtight all the way, long did not take food. In road, he appears suddenly spirit is unusual, alone laugh, mutter in the mouth, say the passenger beside is a spy, crucial point he, expressional fear, be about to jump outside from car window, favour is discovered by guard, did not produce an accident. He is gone to already fainthearted medical history, after dealing with temporarily through local hospital, the mood is stable. [Analysis] according to afore-mentioned circumstances, general consideration is journey mental disease. For ascertain pathogeny, the proposal adds electrocardiogram examination and electroencephalogram examination to the hospital, so as to eliminates hysteria disease and the other disease that journey causes, be likeSpirit breaks upObstacle of spirit of sex of disease, affection. Journey mental disease is the floorboard of obstacle of a group of spirit, be commonly in long-distance journey or happen and the disease since acute. The spirit that the Chang Youming before coming on shows should be stimulated, the body is chronic and excessive exhaustion, excessive jam, anoxic, MorpheusLack, nutrition lacks the integrated motive that waits for an element overly. In journey life, complex external environment and undesirable and stimulative effect can make the person produces exhaustion of body and mind, mix through proper adjustment rest, average person can restore very quickly. But if individual acclimatization is undesirable or belong to easy feeling quality, produce mood obstacle easily, like irritating, lack of power, be unable to sit down or sleep at ease, have a headache, giddy, disgusting etc, the person that weigh can appear suspicion, much Lv, be perturbed, DepressedOr excitement moves restlessly. Journey mental disease can appear already " reactivity symptom " , also can appear afore-mentioned case of illness behave " disrupt model symptom " , both it is degree only those who go up is different just. Can be to come on first, also can be have a recurrence of an old illness. This disease course of disease is brief, stop journey and hour of the number after resting to alleviate to proper motion of 1 week of internal energy. To lighter mood obstacle, can give small dose treatment of weak stable agent; To heavier " disrupt model symptom " need to go to specialized subject hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, in taking of small dose fight chlorpromazine thing.
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