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How is red-eyed disease caught to do in journey?
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In the journey if catch red-eyed disease, not need is flurried. 0.25% chloromycetin eyedrop is red-eyed ill Ke Xing. With small hole of water of chloromycetin eye ointment or eyedrops, every time 2 ~ 3, every 1.5 ~ drip 2 hours, one day can control the development of the illness, 2 ~ 3 days can heal, if discovery is later, cure is not seasonable, all sorts of symptoms are narrated to be able to appear before, and divide drop chloromycetin eyedrop beyond, still should use tetracycline eye ointment before sleep or double eye of besmear of erythromycin eye ointment (but cannot wait with gauze wrap up) . Even so, also get 5 ~ 7 days at least ability heal. So, or in order to prevent had better. Preventing red-eyed disease basically is the thing that does not feel other to had been used. On the train, the towel that should notice air is hanged is not endured together with the towel of other, had better be to be on car boat need not towel washs a face, convert paper towel brushs a face; The pool that wash a face is not used when washing a face, convert both hands holds water in both hands to spill wash, the water that wipes a face to go up with paper towel next can. When accommodation, air hangs towel wear or stringy line should use soap first abluent, on the local mat that also can hang towel in air one piece of plastic film (last paper and) of food bag Yi Ke. Bathe urticant or the eyewinker inside the eye, do not use hand knead directly, can use oneself towel, handkerchief only, had better use paper towel, because the hand is the dirtiest, stick have all sorts of bacterias. Do not start work casually in communal circumstance go east feel feel on the west. Such, won't catch red-eyed disease commonly.

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