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Often carsick how to treat
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Main with the vestibule inside influence ear implement about, tall ventilated and wet, high temperature, undesirable, vinegary odour, sentiment is intense, MorpheusInsufficient, excessive exhaustion, hungry or too full, body disease of frail, inner ear all cause this disease easily.

Have this ill patient easily, want to strengthen a constitution at ordinary timesTake exercise. By car, nautical, before seizing the opportunity, should not be fatigue, right amount food. When taking a car, keep composed, shut eye repose, the head when seat is raised lean on solid home back of a chair or object, the environment wants quiet, assure good and ventilated. Before travelling 1, 1.5 hours are taken fight dizzy animal, if take dizzy peace 20, 25 milligram, 25 milligram of different third Qin, hey spit can take gastric answer to install 10-20 milligram, daily 3, wait with barbitone of stable, benzene undisturbedly, can avoid or reduce the dizzy show effect that use disease.

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