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Psychology travels - face landscape to say worry
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With psychologyDoctorTogether start off

Becoming fashion when thematic travel today, with a Yi Shiyi friendly psychological doctor goes up together road, be in honest, simple, pure beauty, go opening one's mind among primitive even nature, such psychology travels sadly arisen.

By 2002, beijing assist teach Yang Xia with the psychology of medical university, taking a batch of oneself friends above all, set foot on go the road of Jiangxi Wu source, opened the big screen that psychology travels. In journey of 7 days, the people that the a gang loses ego in blatant city from unfamiliar to be familiar with keep no secrets from each other, established a name to be finally " clear heart " club, time party, confabulate. Between this brief a week, professor Yang Xia is passed " the job and pressure " wait for a lecture, the game such as training of heart of sensitivity test self-confidence makes team member people true dropt the package of mentally, real freedom breathes fresh air.

2003 during the Spring Festival, professor Yang Xia is being taken again expanded not little team, walked into fierce exterminate hill. Before before long, they accompany went prairie. In travelling twice this, professor Yang cancelled the lecture of sex of a few pure knowledge boldly, let go invite team member people in such as " climb the match " the person that goes among the activity that waits for character of a few groups beside readmit, also let the person beside admit at the same time.

Psychological doctor takes band summer camp

Be in assist when with medical university psychology travel undertakes getting like a raging fire, the target that psychological research center also will serve Beijing University fall aims at psychological state to be not stabilized but did not cause a society enough the adolescent that take seriously. They organized a few adolescent of Beijing, go to Beijing circumjacent a few out-of-the-way a mountainous area, the country has spring outing, summer camp. Between the process of travel, they arranged such as " say worry to big hill " , " howl " the activity that waits to be accomplished impossibly in the city, let children release the undesirable mood of the smolder in the heart. Let children understand the thing that cannot understand between the city in the family in the school between the environment of pure nature.

The psychological travel of these two places scored the success that comparative, in and be in expanding further. But this idea is how arise, is people after all how transform to regular way? Taking such issue, we were interviewed assist Professor Yang Xia with medical university and Beijing University fall Director Chen Wei of psychological research center.

Who walked into psychological travel

Professor Yang Xia tells us, joining the team member that they travel is the urban white-collar that there is particular worry in mentally. They are taking big money, but cannot experience happiness however. The pressure on the life, job lets their self-confident heart be lost gradually, perfect creed lets captious, exorbitant they cannot interact normally with the person all round, lost necessary communication and pour out. They special before normal person close, although face psychology,the doctor also can be not unlocked completely.
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