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Go out travel bewares ill from " mouth " " hand " into
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(reporter Shi Xinrong) " 11 " the golden week near, wholesome expert reminds, go out travelHealthyThe first, beware ill from " mouth " " hand " into.

Control of disease of hall of Guizhou Province sanitation prevents an expert to do chairman doctor Lv Taifu to think, need contagion of precautionary bowel path above all, assure cooked food, and the edible that take the advantage of heat, it is beautiful with delicate food. Unboiled water cannot drinkable, food of raw or cold food had better not eat, pot-stewed fowl food had better eat less.

It is to should avoid food nextToxic. Source of travel area food is complex, especially all sorts of notting have butcher of card small vendor's stand, wholesome knowledge is poor, wholesome consciousness is poor, although gave an issue,investigate duty very hard also. Accordingly, must learn to differentiate eating house sanitation eligible, the normal food food that chooses to door of Ministry of Public Health is supervised nods repast. Acceptable average level should be: Have wholesome license, have clean source of water, have alexipharmic facility, food raw material is new, without midge fly, have dustproof facility, surroundings is clean, gathering personnel does not contact food and paper money and food maintain quite the distance.

The 3rd, enter autumn, difference in temperature of morning and evening is big, as it happens is the tall hair season of all sorts of respiratory tract contagion, want to notice to prevent the respiratory tract infection such as flu all the more.

Lv Taifu still reminds say, go out during travel, should notice car, boat, plane, toilet to wait especially public the place such as window of armrest of the shake handshandle inside, the back of the chair, car, these places all have detect pieceSecond liverWait for the report of virus. Accordingly, if take food in journey, had better use wipe up of alcohol tampon handle, short distance passenger had better not take food on board. Additional, be like likely, can have last time sexual glove, next into dustbin throwing is taken off instead from the artifice after be being used every time.

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