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Travel " motion sickness " precaution
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In travel process, some people bump in a situation full of danger all the day also happy and pleased with oneself, some people level the land to be able to be caused by the car however unwell, occurrence dizziness dazzled, complexion cadaverous, limb is algid, disgusting vomitingSeasick, carsick phenomenon, MedicineSay on for " motion sickness " .

From physiological angle analysis, the person's inner ear has to adjust the vestibular organ that human body position balances. It is passed neurological the gesture that adjusts human body at any time, make poise. Once the jolt of vehicle exceeded human body,balance an organ get used to ability, can appear carsick and seasick symptom. In addition, car, boat, plane those who wait is queasy the provisionality that makes gastric bowel organ happens changes, blood sheds the variation that use, and the stimulation of derv, benzine to olfactory, all can cause through nerve reflex carsick, seasick. Too full, fatigue, fuggy, air dirty, sentiment is intense, Neurasthenic, the body frail, blood sugar drops and look attentively at scenery to wait to also can make semiotic happening or accentuation.

"Motion sickness " it is balancer official function temporarily incommensurate, not be blemish of a kind of physiology, great majority person is OK of Jiao Zhi. Best Jiao Zhi method is to often have a tripTake exerciseIn order to raise balancer official and neurological to irregular motion get used to ability. In addition, often attend conduce to adjust the physical training that human body position balances, if become place,crouch greatly, around roll, swing swing, ascend rope ladder, play a ball game, swim wait to also can raise balancer official to be changed to irregular posture get used to ability. Have " motion sickness " the person should have made the following preventive measure only when the journey, can prevent semiotic happening or relieve a symptom.

One, the arrangement of travel schedule shoulds not be too close. Happy mood should maintain when travel, not beyond the mark and excited or spirit is nervous, lest cause " motion sickness " .

2, the dietary daily life in journey should pay attention to sanitation and science. MorpheusWant enough, food is delicate, avoid excessive to drink etc.

3, the place with little rock should choose to sit as far as possible when taking vehicle. Secure the head as far as possible, the eye sees far immobile end, see the scenery of the whisk outside the window less, also can shut eye repose, keep composed.

4, maintain the clean sanitation inside vehicle. Do not smoke, do not spit everywhere, seasonable and ventilated take a breath, decrease benzine and fishy wait for odour to be stimulated to olfactory.
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