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The journey drinks water to have skill
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  HealthyThe expert points out, when travelling to go, should avoid to appear " waterToxic" , must have mastered the skill that drinks water. Above all, want to often drink a few weak brine in journey, OK and compensatory human body discharges the inorganic salt that sweat takes away in great quantities. The simplest way is salt of on 1 gram is added in 500 milliliter drinking water, timely and drinkable, can complement already human body need, also can prevent electrolyte disorder. Next, drink water to want second larger little, thirsty cannot drink suddenly, part of one's job is drunk for many times, and drinkable quantity is little, logical way is, drink water to come with 100 milliliter every time 150 milliliter are advisable, time interval is half hour.

Again, do not want covet temporarily delighted, crapulence cold drink. Travel gives a course in, the person's body can produce a lot of quantity of heat, make the organ inside body lies in more than be being heated up at ordinary times condition. Drink cold drink in great quantities right now, can make the organ such as guttural, esophagus, stomach encounters cold and quick systole, make the person feels unwell, common says " scamper lung " . Expert proposal, traveler had better not drink the beverage under 5 Celsius, the weak brine that drinks 10 Celsius left and right sides is more scientific. Because, can achieve already so drop in temperature the purpose of satisfy one's thirst, do not hurt again reach intestines and stomach, return the salinity that can seasonable compensatory human body needs.

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