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The seaside travels careful feed seafood
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Be worth travel fastigium at present, go grow in quantity of tourist of littoral city sightseeing. Seaside air temperature is high, sunshine is sufficient, humidity is big, accordingly, the sea product that contains a lot ofprotein is extremely changeful qualitative. The tourist if carelessly dietetic hygiene, likely and happy and go, in spite of illness and return.

Go littoral travel should be taken strict precautions against " get ill by the mouth " . Because sanitation of specific area meal is like person meaning very much, food, cooking utensils and container have unripe ripe not element of cent, meat or fish is not divided, the problem that across pollutes. In addition, coastal dweller stresses the instinctive quality of edible aquatic product, flavour is delicious, happy event is unripe feed, half a lifetime feeds seafood (be soiled of Shui Chao, salt or barbecue) . Accordingly, want to notice precaution feeds source sex disease 3 kinds below in littoral travel process.

   ■ food of vibrio of deputy hemolysis sexToxic

Vibrio of deputy hemolysis sex is extensive in consist in seawater, grow in the liquid of salt chroma 3%-3.5% good, friend ever called salt of be addicted to of the sex that cause disease bacterium. This bacterium not heat-resisting, when 80 ℃ 1 minute is exterminated namely, weaker also to acerbity resistance, in feeding vinegar 1 minute dies. The check of this bacterium goes out rate for hairtail 41.2%-95.4% ; Sea crab 94.1% , clam 22.5%-93.4% , inkfish 17.5%-93% , yellow croaker 15%-45% , prawn 43.3% , Xiaobai shrimp 100% .

Rate of piscatorial belt bacterium is 34.8% . Main and toxic food is sea product, include to be born feed small white shrimp or salty fish, shrimp paste, it is pickles next. This disease is preclinical general 10 hours left and right sides, basically be acute stomachEnteritisSymptom, blood of pee of occurrence blood of the person that weigh, pus, vomiting and diarrhoea is serious person dehydrate can cause collapse too much and companion has blood pressure to drop, need and bacterium dysentery, cholera is differentiated.

   ■ affect a genderDiarrhoeaIll

Contract sexual diarrhoea disease, include all sorts of enteritis, Dysenteric, typhoid fever, cholera and verminosis. Unripe feed, half a lifetime feeds aquatic product to produce this kind of disease extremely easily. The four seasons of branch of wholesome epidemic prevention all can give choleraic vibrio from check of soft-shelled turtle, bullfrog, crab, shrimp, snail, shellfish. Feed blood of shrimp of raw slices of fish meat, ice, soft-shelled turtle, spiral shell, unripe crab to all can affect cholera. This ill characteristic is acute sample diarrhoea, without not bellyacke, calorific, hour of preclinical amount to comes 5 days. If infection bacterium sex is dysenteric, meeting high fever, bellyacke, anus has straining feeling, have mucus pus blood.
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