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Go out travel writes down health care sincerely 10 great regulations
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Regulations one: Before going abroad, precaution injects cannot little

To avoid all sorts of contagion disease, the environment that can consult travel ground is nodded before travel, at setting out before use dozen of necessary precaution needle, be like: Flu vaccine, A reach B modelHepatitisThe vaccinal, vaccine such as tetanic, diphtheria, and take the medicaments that prevent impaludism to wait, catch a disease in order to avoid.

Regulations 2: Drink water more

Portion of great and compensatory water answers when travel, can reduce unwell of intestines and stomach machine rate; Drink water to be able to let skin water should be become more, take a picture more beautiful; Water is drunk more on the plane, decrease to be led by the machine of contagion bacterium; Hypertensive, be short of courage and uprightnessHeart diseaseShare of much more compensatory water wants especially when patient go on a journey, should pay attention toMorpheus, note blood pressure at any time.

Regulations 3: Long-distance take a plane, should timely sport body

Take a plane for a long time, ache of whole body of the regular meeting after reaching destination, lower limbs is bloated, but every other rises one hour, do do simple extend to hold, replace crus, cervical the back that reach a waist is pressed gently massage, decrease sedentary hind the phenomenon such as ache and lower limbs dropsy, can prevent vein embolism; Special remind suffer from be short of heart disease of courage and uprightness and hypertensive patient, sit for long on the chair, easy cause embolism of the blood-vessel on the leg, evolve into for lobar embolism sudden death then, accordingly be sure to every other rises for some time.

Regulations 4: Eat chewing gum, yawn, can decrease when falling since the planeTinnitusPhenomenon

When falling since the plane every time, regular meeting has tinnitus, otalgia, earplug or dizzy feeling, can take a packet of chewing gum, ministry letting the mouth is masticatory but slow down this phenomenon, but if suffer from,weighCold, chronic audition obstacle or Eustachian tube function are undesirable patient, answer to be treated at the doctor searching first before embarkation, can accentuate otherwise sick condition.

Regulations 5: Wash his hands more, avoid to give birth to drink feed, or touch strike wild vivid plant

In journey most be afraid of take bad gut, influence physical power destroys travel mood, washing his hands more is the one and only way that prevents infection of intestines and stomach, avoid to give birth to drink feed can reduce the machine rate that gets infection.
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