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Vigilant " 6 tall one low " the festival is ill
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The expert reminds say, during the festival must not overly eats, drink, play, sleep, lest suffer from,go up all sorts of festivals are ill, create the body " 6 tall one low " .

According to " urban evening paper " report, jilin saves precautionMedicineMeeting inferiorHealthyThe expert of advisory service center introduces, this " 6 tall one low " often say besides peopleTall blood fat, Tall blood sugar, HypertensiveWith immune function low outside, still have viscosity of high load capacity, tall weight, tall blood. These diseases andInferior healthyThe appearance is possible by the holiday in eat and drink too much cause, but the life style that can adopt science, good food convention tries to adjust and be improved.

The expert points out, excessive loosen also can cause festal disease. Habit of a lot of people in the festival eats to sleep, cause hematic fat, blood sugar easily to rise, stay up late hit mahjong to also can create courage system pressure too big. Notice to adjust a mood even, go out more travel, communicate with family member friend more.

Because grease absorbs overmuch, little movement,wait to what the section noons to appear easily causeConstipationPhenomenon, the expert reminds people food wants to notice to eat much food less, eat less to be mixed tartly excitant strong food, notice element of meat or fish is tie-in, meal hind had better walk 30 minutes. Everyday early morning 5 when to 7 when when getting up, drink a cup of fresh warm boiled water cleared body endotoxin, moisture complements in the meantime. Day waters the quantity maintains control in 2000 milliliter, be equivalent to 4 bottles of mineral water.

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