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Inner Mongolia is small austral hotel
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Inner Mongolia is small austral hotel exterior
The exterior
Inner Mongolia is small austral public house is big
Inner Mongolia is small austral hotel guest room
Guest room
Big public house of Inner Mongolia Xiaona country is located in developing zone of bridge of Huhhot city gold. Border government of the district that surpass rarely, municipality is industrial and commercial bureau of bureau, municipal land natural resources, breathe out bureau of city land tax, breathe out city procuratorate and each are important government organization. Distance airport, railway station Cheng of 20 minutes of cars. The hotel is a modern omnibus hotel, it is market guest room, meal, travel recreational the major that is an organic whole hotel. The hotel has house of luxurious flatlet, business affairs, all guest room set central air conditioning entirely, confuse you, program of the broadband on TV of digital signal liquid crystal, net, order programme; Have big medium or small muti_function assembly room; Can hold the business affairs meeting of all sorts of different types; The Chinese meal hall of environmental grace and elegant bag will be acted according to for you on the Shanghai of sterling tunnel helps dish of dish, raise of the Huaihe River, the Yangtse River originally the dish of 3 delicacy, another name for Guangdong Province and swallow, Bao, wing delicate cate that has distinguishing feature each.
Inner Mongolia is small austral hotel predecessor only then the small austral wine shop that was built 2003, set 2 branches of branch and Baotou city in Huhhot city. Registered office and breathe out since city store start business, the enterprise holds to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh all the time, delicate accept popular management concept, it is in order to promote the dietary culture of the Chinese nation oneself, it is a target in order to serve a society, it is service tenet in order to make each guests satisfactory.