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Huhhot appropriate resides a hotel
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Huhhot appropriate resides hotel exterior
The exterior
Huhhot appropriate resides the public house is big
Huhhot appropriate resides hotel guest room
Guest room
More picture
Huhhot appropriate resides a hotel to be located in downtown of Huhhot of metropolis of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, be located in urban main force to roundabout handles road of Hu Lun north and triumphal way, distance Huhhot airport needs car Cheng 20 minutes only.
The guest room design with beautiful environment, unique public house of Huhhot fitting room will give a guest to offer the most perfect accommodation to enjoy. The hotel still offers Wu of commerce secretary, fax, ticket, travel to seek advice, communal the service such as online area.
Public house of Huhhot fitting room has cleanness comfortable, capacious and bright guest room, design color is distinctive, deserve to home, international dials directly cable television of phone, number, free broadband to get online, electronic door lock and independence are lukewarm control a system. The complete establishment inside the room will provide the service of quick, internationalization to guest.
  • 2006 practice
  • Address: Huhhot New the city zone Road of north of Hu Lunbei Er 52
  • Postcode: 010051
  • Phone: 0471-2698888
  • Room amount () : 118

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