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Inner Mongolia restaurant
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Exterior of Inner Mongolia restaurant
The exterior
Inner Mongolia hotel is old
Guest room of Inner Mongolia hotel
Guest room
Inner Mongolia restaurant is the international that by odd group of Inner Mongolia be an official finite liability company invests build restaurant of business affairs of modernization of 5 stars class, the international that this has real sense the Huhhot of metropolis of municipality of settle of business affairs restaurant of level of 5 stars grade. Restaurant also is ” of hotel of theme of culture of first prairie of ——“ China at the same time, be located in Huhhot downtown. Have the guest room that elaborate establishment decorates, floor of administrative business affairs is set inside, all ready of establishment of the business affairs inside the room. Enter gorgeous old hall, can experience the full-bodied atmosphere of theme of restaurant prairie culture namely. The service of fine meaning strong feeling, high-grade and perfect establishment, no matter be high official,meeting Wu, business affairs makes an on-the-spot investigation, the conference goes vacationing, still be sightseeing travel, restaurant of staying Inner Mongolia, it is to grasp career good opportunity, experience the main force of successful life. The thematic dining room that has distinguishing feature each can hold 1700 people at the same time repast, among them the beautiful “ of inheritance prairie history becomes Jisaihanjinding dining-room of large account ” , resplendent and magnificent, characteristic is full-bodied, it is to experience prairie civilization, the reachs surely place that experiences the career is successful. Restaurant has ball of center of center of conference of simultaneous interpretation international, odeum, natatorium, fitness, wall, bar, card additionally to pull the service facilities such as hall of OK singing and dancing and large market.
Situation of Inner Mongolia restaurant is advantageous, circumjacent and humanitarian environment is quiet and tastefully laid out. Restaurant is located in center of Huhhot city urban district, border Huhhot downtown shopping centre, walk only 5 minutes. With new city hotel only of one wall lie between, edifice of the boat that spur a nation 2 kilometers, 3 kilometers of hotel of the Yue that be apart from guest, road unobstructed. The urban entry point that freeway, country has clear restaurant image and road to guide. Restaurant has the parking lot that can hold at least 100 vehicles.
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