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Inner Mongolia restaurant
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The “ of park of flowing water greenbelt with Inner Mongolia restaurant and Huhhot the oldest urban district is full sea park ” lies between Lu Xiangwang, can look down at in inn guest the park is panoramic, the large and humanitarian public facilities such as hospital of university of Party school of Inner Mongolia library, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia is proximate restaurant. Restaurant leads to city of municipal government of government of Inner Mongolia Party committee, Inner Mongolia, Huhhot, Huhhot convenient and the unobstructed of government organization road such as civil service service center, quick.
Inheritance prairie is civilized, make Inner Mongolia restaurant China's top-ranking “ prairie article convert ” theme public house. Pass joint efforts of all of us, restaurant is in gained good reputation domestic and internationally, strive to become best top-ranking “ prairie article to change thematic hotel ” .
  • 1986 practice Decorated 2002
  • Address: Huhhot New the city zone Wulanchabuxi road 31
  • Postcode: 010010
  • Phone: 0471-6938888
  • Fax: 0471-6952288
  • Room amount () : 342

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