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Huhhot holiday hotel
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Exterior of Huhhot holiday hotel
The exterior
Huhhot holiday public house is big
Guest room of Huhhot holiday hotel
Guest room
Huhhot holiday hotel is hotel of brand of the first international of Huhhot city, offer for you with brand-new management concept high-grade and perfect establishment, excellent service and halt house environment cozily. The hotel is located in the Zhongshan with flourishing downtown on the west road, shopping centers of shopping mall, trade is in nearly very close. You still can take the opportunity full the view of Inner Mongolia llano that takes beauty or yurt of be a guest, experience individual ethical amorous feelings.
Huhhot holiday hotel sets dining room of Chinese meal hall, coffee hall, bar, Italy, the meal recreation establishment such as old hall bar. Hotel building is 9 tall, have decorate the of all kinds guest room with elegance, complete establishment, include standard room, luxurious room and the business affairs suite that have independent sauna among them, 5 administration flatlet and the luxurious president flatlet of a 270 square metre. All guest room all provide mailbox of interface of safe of door lock of electronic magnetic card, private electron, broadband, speech, international, home mix on channel of TV of satellite of long-distance telephone call direct dial, international and high-grade bed the things that defend bath. Two ad hoc corridor of administration of administrative layer ad hoc and administrative assembly room, can provide more comfortable, convenient room for business affairs and leisure tourist not only, and still can deal with for you quick enter reach formalities leaving store.
Establishment of other of Huhhot holiday hotel still includes center of modern business affairs, ticket Wu center, shop, Thailand is authentic and fashionable the center of peace and happiness of hydrotherapy and establishment all ready. Decorate luxurious, function the shindig hall with all ready, advanced equipment and to it of photograph adjacent muti_function hall is used at the same time, can enlarge its to contain guest amount not only, and can regard the rest before the conference as the hall, can offer to discuss of session in group more convenient.
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