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Auspicious director group attends Home Li China east civil aviaton is begun insp
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Came 5 days on September 3, auspicious director leads Home Li bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) department of general office, program, person teaching department, party does bureau waiting for department to lead, right China east civil aviaton undertook working survey.

3 days afternoon, auspicious director group disregards Home Li journey fatigueds, plane begins the work. The countryman in was being listened to during uses aviation Huadongde district management board (abbreviation " China east management board " ) summer promote China the director is concerned China east fundamental condition, job begins management board the detailed report of circumstance and existence problem; Divide into 4 working party again subsequently, respectively with member of management board leading group, China east room of part of part of each big unit chief and office leads area of Shanghai of directly under of leader of empty canal bureau, bureau add up to 45 people, undertook face-to-face communication talks, the situation that understands the aspect such as study of management board team, solidarity, cheap politics and job adequately, listen to an opinion.

4 days afternoon, home Li auspicious

The director played China east the democratic life of team of management board Party committee is met, to management board Party committee the job made important instruction.

5 days of early in the morning, auspicious director calls together Home Li China east management board leads the meeting, announced leading Party group of civil aviation bureau is new to management board the appointment of member of a leading group, right new a leading group raised strict requirement, made important instruction to the job henceforth.

5 days morning, be in China east on all cadre plenary meeting that management board holds, person of civil aviation bureau teachs department eaves benevolence collection director above all read out leading Party group of civil aviation bureau is right summer promote China, Shenyang lustre river new of a leading group appoint and dismiss an announcement. Subsequently, auspicious director published Home Li serious talk. In the speech, he affirmed vice secretary of former Party committee of a leading group and management board, discipline adequately appoint chairman of secretary, union fences the comrade that keep field is in China east the effort that makes in civil aviaton construction, development and achievement, build from the leading group, fulfil science to develop view, innovation to be advanced safe superintendency mechanism, actively finish administration, satisfactorily lawfully fasten great carriage safeguard, closely with the communication couplet of local government, pay attention to 7 respects such as cheap politics construction, height evaluated management board to work fruitfully in last few years. In the meantime, the opinion that Home Li offers in process of survey of auspicious director union and proposal, the leading group to management board and China east civil aviaton works next begin raised specific requirement:
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