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New developed area of members of standing committee of Tianjin municipal Party committee, seaside is in charge of appoint benefit of conference chairman careless army yesterday (8 days) the Canadian aviation industry that leads by Mr Nick Leientaidisi was interviewed in seaside new developed area investigation group, both sides builds business of aviation form a complete set with respect to collaboration, begin aviation to groom the collaboration that waits for a domain undertook talk extensively, attended cooperative signing ceremony. Tianjin city hair changes appoint, business affairs appoint, university of civil aviaton of free tax zone, China attends about chief.

If municipal Party committee of Tianjin of benefit army delegate, municipal government expresses to welcome to investigation group of Canadian aviation industry, introduced seaside new developed area to develop open progress case to the guest. He says, the project of airbus A320 big airlines that Europe cooperates in begins general assembly head to wear a plane, those who revealed development of Tianjin aviation industry is prelusive. We are carrier with facing empty estate division, rely on distinctive area the professional of advantage, good policy requirement and high quality, exert oneself gathers and attract business of domestic and international famous aviation, key development aviation is made, aviation grooms and aviation content

Stream, outspread industry catenary, implementation group develops. We welcome and support business of industry of domestic and international aviation to invest to seaside new developed area, will do well further service, create condition of many sided advantage to begin collaboration.

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