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Boat believes check of simple short message of journey of new edition of airline
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The countryman in the basis uses aviation bureau (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) with national tax Wu the file of total bureau asks, sheet of journey of old edition of civil aviaton airline ticket is overall out of service, new on September 1 official investment uses edition journey sheet. Build the happening of false phenomenon to put an end to and reduce journey sheet, provide safe, quick, convenient news service to the passenger, department of Commerce of electron of group of information of Chinese civil aviaton opened short message check to serve really. This is Department of Commerce of electron of group of information of Chinese civil aviaton hot line of true, 4008158888 services mixes check of website of door afterwards artificially speech check after test of website of mobile phone of true, is true, only produce the expected result of enlightened journey of another airline ticket serves channel really.

Provide gymnastics to regard as: The passenger comes through sending JP 10669018, will get including short message produce the expected result passenger ticket of true, electron

Condition dogs, the service list such as inquiry of inquiry of traffic information of information of weather forecast, type, airport information, airport, airliner, procuratorial information, user but the information that self-help chooses to need serves.

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