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Civil aviation bureau to whole system extensive teaching and administrative staf
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On September 8, bureau of Chinese civil aviation (Civil Aviation Administration Of China, abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) issue condolatory report, mix to teacher of arduous and cultivated civil aviaton school enterprise or business unit education grooms the greeting that worker pays great respect and red-letter day!

Condolatory report full text is as follows:

During at our country the 24th teacher's day comes, mix to teacher of arduous and cultivated civil aviaton school sincerely enterprise or business unit education grooms the greeting that worker pays great respect and red-letter day!

The Sichuan that happens this year epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River, broad teacher protects shake area daringly student, behaved great division heart mind. This year the theme of teacher's day is " teacher of study flower model, promote great division spirit " . Labour is in teaching and administrative staff of academy of civil aviaton flight to ensure the student is safe with all one's strength while, assumed actively aseismatic the glorious task that provide disaster relief; Teaching and administrative staff of region of shake of civil aviaton blame is versed in student of main support disaster area. We want aseismatic the emerge in large numbers in providing disaster relief

The advanced achievement that come out and great mind regard division heart as serious content of education and vivid teaching material, farther incentive civil aviaton is broad hillock of love of labour of teaching and administrative staff respects a person of exemplary virtue of person of Yo of student of course of study, care, teach, humanness, become the teacher of people satisfaction.

Beijing held the 29th Olympic Games successfully 2008, incomplete abstruse meeting is going on wheels. Provide safe, efficient, convenient, excellent aviation service for the Olympic Games, it is the glorious mission of civil aviaton. Civil aviaton is broad labour of teaching and administrative staff grooms in professional education and post the respect gave arduous labor and sweat, made important contribution.

We still will greet reforming and opening 30 years 2008. Come 30 years the change that civil aviaton produced world-shaking, civil aviaton " science and education starts line of business " and " talent strong line of business " the strategy is carried out smoothly, for the industry development offerred strong person with ability to assure. We should sum up the great success that comes 30 years and primary experience seriously, education of stimulative civil aviaton grooms full-scale development. We should carry out the seventeen great mind that fulfils a party and moustache deep bright and beautiful billows secretary-general " 8.31 " serious talk spirit, get for all with scientific progress view, strengthen pedagogic team construction further, build moral character of a division hard exalted, business is masterly, rich the pedagogic team of the high quality of innovation spirit and innovation ability. Each unit should be mixed on political, thought teacher of the care on the life, do real thing for the teacher, do a good work; Should be a teacher lifelong study, long-term development provides help and support, each concrete step that teachs honour division again falls to real point.
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