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The civil aviation bureau states not accredit films " Chinese empty elder sister
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The near future, limited company of transmission of culture of some movie and TV and service of alleged China empty sister run association, laying the flag that the countryman in celebrating uses aviation 60 years, cheat partial media and partial unit, say " below the care support that waits for relevant section and relevant leader in total bureau of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, national wide report " , sign up for TOP by Chinese civil aviaton spatio-temporal assist do, will film " Chinese empty elder sister " the film is held " " Chinese empty elder sister " actor choose " , " Chinese empty elder sister views the world " , " 10 beautiful empty elder sister " , " 10 beautiful sky is multiplied " " empty elder sister of past dynasties honor is chosen " wait for series activity.

At present tell the world: My bureau never any units or individual hold authorization afore-mentioned activities, also do not assume everything what cause from this to be mixed directly joint liability. Raise vigilance please, prevent to be deceived.

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