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High level of civil aviation bureau " airborne " Shanghai is low-key visit east
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Bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) director plum home auspicious come to Shanghai last week survey China east civil aviaton, visited Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, abbreviation " east boat " ) , Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) wait for an unit. Inc. of aviation of the China International before be opposite this (Air China Limited, abbreviation " country boat " ) of palm door person arrive at, boat, Shanghai Airline did not grant east disclose, home Li auspicious the opinion that also did not express materiality. What be worth two boat to recombine at present is sensitive period, yesterday (11 days) many course of study person think generally, no matter ending how, echo of public opinion element, society enters this deeply greatly already to rise and buy case.

High level of civil aviation bureau is airborne Shanghai

Disclose according to the civil aviation bureau, home Li auspicious led a civil aviation bureau to 5 days on September 3

Department of general office, program, person teaching department, party does leader of bureau waiting for department, right China east civil aviaton undertook working survey. This the main target of survey is civil aviaton China east management board, in addition also visited east limited company of aviation of boat, Shanghai Airline, age (Spring Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " age aviation " ) , limited company of Shanghai lucky aviation (Juneyao Airlines Co. , ltd. , abbreviation " lucky aviation " ) , the unit such as Shanghai airport. It is reported, east airport of aviation of boat, Shanghai Airline, age, lucky aviation, Shanghai undertook be receptioned seriously.

Home Li auspicious it is company of Chinese aviation group formerly (China National Aviation Holding Company, the following abbreviation " in boat group " ) president of share of boat of general manager, country, be in inside successful nick east boat and Singapore airline (Singapore Airlines Ltd. , abbreviation " new boat " ) recombine, urge a nation from beginning to end boat is right east of boat recombine, the collaboration to Shanghai Airline. Boat, Shanghai Airline is opposite east Home Li auspicious arrive at did not make make public, home Li auspicious also did not express materiality opinion, bilateral osculatory course is apparent more resemble a kind of form.

But Home Li auspicious come to Shanghai or comment is caused in airline interior forum, be worth at present east boat, Shanghai Airline recombines sensitive period, movement of any of administration director branch enough causes a topic, what is more,the rather that Home Li auspicious with east the relation of boat, Shanghai Airline is of long standing and well established.

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