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Taipei of China News Service on September 16 report (reporter old establish house ever blessing annals) Taiwan " the Ministry of Communication " the civil aviation bureau holds a press conference 16 days, announce two sides charter flight is carried out on the weekend and circumstance of charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival,

According to Taiwan " civil aviation bureau " statistic, charter flight reachs two sides to already carried out 11 weeks on September 15 on the weekend, the airline that both sides enlists a flight is in 11 seventeen thousand five hundred and thirty seventeen places are provided in all inside week, carry a passenger fifty thousand nine hundred and fifty-six person-time, carry a guest on average to lead about 86% .

"Civil aviation bureau " express, world fuel price is at present rising, each district airline all faces management dilemma, charter flight has two sides on the weekend about most probably of 6 carry a guest high to lead sincere belong to not easy. Future can add new air route of dot of order, boat and program like two sides, it is benefit to enlisting the airline of flying boat already much, also have to the boom of course of study of Taiwan civil aviaton carry display vigour to use considerably, can create two sides double win.

According to introducing, below cross-strait charter flight one phase increases key discussion the topic for discussion such as dot of order, boat and new air route. "Civil aviation bureau

Long " plum dragon article expresses, air route and time shorten as far as possible is cross-strait consensus, the new air route that Taiwan plans hopes to be able to save a hour toward north, suffer airspace of be confined to southward, flight time may be about the same.

Although two sides charter flight is achieved at carrying out the 8th week on the weekend of 92% after carrying a guest high to lead, from the 9th week, namely the a week after Beijing Olympic Games ends drops somewhat, rate carrying a passenger only 82.1% , the 10th week drops broken most probably, rate carrying a passenger 77.7% ; Eleventh week falls again to 75.2% .

But " civil aviation bureau " airborne group group leader old god-given express, as it happens of eleventh week charter flight encounters Senlake the typhoon is invaded, although plane as usual flies, but the passenger may cancel the journey because of the typhoon, and summer vacation busy season has ended, nearly two weeks have across with charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival again, cause rate carrying a passenger possibly to drop. Next how does the circumstance still remain to observe.

"Civil aviation bureau " express, charter flight of this the Mid-autumn Festival already reached Shanghai by garden of peach of Taiwan China airline on September 7 the airliner is opened prelusive. Come 21 days from September 7, charter flight of the Mid-autumn Festival and on the weekend charter flight order, aggregate will amount to 98, for the people of two sides of come-and-go of around of the Mid-autumn Festival, offerred way of the transport in convenient sky. #
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