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National endowment appoint dark push conformity east boat Shanghai Airline holds
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Recently, inc. of concerned China Oriental aviation (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " east boat " ) with Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " Shanghai Airline " ) amalgamative topic hackneyed theme is played newly, not only the high attention that caused the personage inside the market and course of study, still brought a series of chain-reacting.

The thing results from the story that foreign media has conformity of boat of east of Shanhaiguan: Cao builds boat general manager east hero expressed on September 7, boat is mixed east of Shanghai Airline accuse a square Shanghai national endowment appoint with country of the State Council endowment appoint the possibility that discussing bilateral cooperation. At present this kind discusses to already undertook in governmental level, shanghai government will eastwards boat is noted endowment, what drive its and Shanghai Airline next is amalgamative. The report still says, the company after incorporating can consider again to Singapore airline (Singapore Airlines Ltd. , the following abbreviation " new boat " ) sell partial share.

On September 10, east boat, Shanghai Airline two companies issued clear announcement with respect to this matter respectively however, say to did not recombine matters concerned to undertake discuss and negotiating with other airline.

Before this on July 23, boat, Shanghai Airline also parts east had carried clear announcement, say to had not discussed relevant and amalgamative matters concerned with other airline.

Inside the time that is less than two months, east boat, Shanghai Airline appears on the market twice the company releases announcement twice to deny have the amalgamative talk on east of Shanhaiguan, whether to mean east on is amalgamative message inaccuracy decided?

East boat interior personage to " investor signs up for " divulge, shanghai Airline, east boat incorporates is country of the State Council at present endowment appoint with Shanghai country endowment appoint undertaking consulting, still do not have company level; Recombine changing east boat undertakes below the premise of position of center look forward to, among them of Shanghai government note endowment amount, introduce new boat first or first the crucial question such as integrated Shanghai Airline still is very big variable.

Be not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors

East boat direct secret collect wishs to make the same score accepting " investor signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, express, cao builds hero to be not go up in formal press conference, when just chatting with reporter of media of a few news, after the other side listed the plan in a few hearsay, a pass on a message that offers oneself to know and be signed up for by accident by the reporter. In view of appear on the market the identity of the company, boat cannot release this kind of information east, lest misdirect investor.
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