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How much discount tickets 3 million
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Had intended to buy 300 online discount airline tickets, but was cheated out of more than 30,000 yuan result, the first online shopping on behalf of the President fell into the trap. Ms. generational home in Zhongxiang reflected yesterday, listening to his son that the Internet can buy discounted tickets, April 30, she saw a free online booking call 4006015199, playing in the past purchased a May 8 aircraft to Qingdao, Wuhan votes. Claiming the work number is 0038 men answered the phone, he said, to 310 yuan, to send money to her account of the Agricultural Bank of China for the 6228480150178073113 card, the card owner called Yang Kang, she would send your money into this account. Then the man asked her to activate the ATM bank card, or will not get e-tickets. She went to a cash machine in accordance with his instructions on a lot, after her surprise check bank cards: cards less 30,012 yuan, 50 yuan fee is also deducted. She "activate" the process of bank cards told the bank staff, the other that it is actually a transfer operation. Her to make the booking phone, how can get through to call 110. According to Wuhan Airport, police said, the most recent online shopping ticket received more than deceived the police, crooks copy the airline or travel network general page setup "phishing", leaving a "400" phone fraud victims trust. Police remind the public to be careful online shopping discount tickets, are required to transfer to the private account is especially important to note that it is best to succeed in verifying the payment after booking.

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