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Domestic routes in winter the lowest ticket prices continuing to fall more th
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Winter, as the weather gradually cooling most of the country, ticket prices remained low, travel and easy travel network official said, in addition to closing affected by the Asian Games, Beijing-Guangzhou line 27, the fare will be about recovery, the 11 Most flights departing Guangzhou later this month are the lowest fares around 3 fold. And as Guilin, Kunming, Sanya and other tourist routes, the minimum can be mined to 2 fold more than the ticket. November is a conventional off-season tourism market, most of the routes that only season ticket prices almost half. It is easy to network data travel from Guangzhou to Beijing next Monday was down fares as low as 850 yuan 5 discount to buy a ticket. Guangzhou to Wuhan, cheaper than the train ticket, can be mined to 2.5-fold at the end of 230 or so tickets are expected to end until early December will continue to maintain low prices, while the return fare stable at around 3, 280 fold. The discount rate is not only large commercial airline, travel discount airline tickets are more impressive. End of this month early next month in Guangzhou to Guilin, Kunming, Sanya can buy more tickets as low as 2 fold. If the lowest fare from Guangzhou to Sanya in 29, 2 off 160.

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