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Buy a discount domestic air tickets for Elderly
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To alleviate the burden of the elderly passengers travel, China Southern Airlines China Southern Airlines has introduced a line - the elderly to buy domestic air tickets Promotion: now until end of next year, all 55 years of age of Chinese citizens (including Hong Kong, Macao) to purchase the CZ2, CZ3, CZ6 , CZ8 at the beginning of the domestic flights, valid certificates, and 7 days in advance applicants will be able to enjoy a 3.9 percent discount. Note that the public, the event time does not include preferential spring (Jan. 18 -2 17), the National Day holiday (October 1 -10 7 January). In addition, different routes in different sections according to peak seasons, some time will not accept applications for flight, passengers can call the customer service phone 95539 or go to China Southern Airlines China Southern Airlines ticket sales point of inquiry.

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