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Taiyuan: change my ticket was originally refused the middle of robbing staff
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7 booked a ticket discount, for so me reason need to Change a time, the staff has determined not to agree. This morning, Mr. Chen, who lives in building the road to the readers of this newspaper reflect the community hotline. Two days ago, Mr. Chen at a pre-booked a flight to Xiamen ticket. There are two days away from his departure received a phone call, the unit arrived in Xiamen to inform him that one day in advance. Chen went to sale at the required refund or exchange tickets. Who knows the staff response, discounted tickets can not be returned. He is offered more money for one, but still refused. He is a reporter and then came together at the pre-sale tickets, a staff member said that tickets can not be returned, only to re-buy one. "I'm booking in advance, but it has not expired, why not change?" Mr. Chen angrily asked. He is directly linked to a reporter suggested Xiamen Airlines to see if there is no other solution. It is dumbfounding that the other set of tickets that Mr. Chen is 5.8 fold of the discount tickets, because there has not expired, it can be coordinated with local airlines 改签 time. "Why did the company by 5.8 fold pre-sale, you sold me was off by 7?" He is asking for pre-sale at the staff. Subsequently, the pre-sale at a man claiming to be managers, recognition of profit without permission from the staff, to the detriment of passengers. Finally, Mr. Chen agreed to a refund, and pay the corresponding compensation. Taiyuan airport official said, faced a similar situation, passengers must first clear which airline is to buy tickets, the best airline to find out so as not to be deceived.

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