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Na Hang recruits the Olympic Games formally now formal kind the volunteer holds
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This net dispatch (reporter: Resting B) today (19) day, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Na Hang " ) will recruit an Olympic Games formally formal kind of volunteer team of empty elder sister of the Na Hang that join league, this is domestic head home announce and recruit an Olympic Games formally formal kind of airline that the volunteer is empty elder sister. According to network of two days and phone case signing up looks, na Hang

Regard China as the biggest airline, attracted many person that sign up.

Round-the-clock on September 19, na Hang will be in institute of cadre of management of Beijing China civil aviaton to establish spot interview signing up to nod, constituent range estimation, written examination, check-up, the Olympic Games that accords with condition of invite applications for a job is formal kind the volunteer will is by spot employ Na Hang is formal empty elder sister.

Serve as national endowment appoint the look forward to of class A center of straight canal, na Hang performed the social duty of center look forward to with real operation, the job that offers a stability for Olympic Games volunteer and good profession develop a space, and the dream that also is them is inserted on Yuan Hang's wing, the major that continues to transmit Olympic Games volunteer to come out in the expression on competition ground to world people, self-confident, grace and beauty, make spirit of Beijing Olympic Games long and extensive inheritance.

Branch of boat manpower resource introduces south, this is Na Hang is an Olympic Games technically formal the special performance invite applications for a job of kind of volunteer setting is met. The Olympic Games is formal kind after the volunteer joins rank of steward of the boat austral duty, will allocate in Beijing and Guangzhou two ground work. Na Hanggen offers long-term profession to plan according to their individual character and specialty, specific aim ground strengthens vocational training and foreign language to groom, the airbus A380 that arranges Na Hang to be about to arrive next executes international airliner mission on the plane, will be ensured by select at the same time 2010 Guangzhou Asia Game- - the flower inside these competition ground will " blossom " the accord with that it is a name actually " an unusually lucky person " .

Day of alliance of the biggest aviation joins the world allied member -- passenger volume of Inc. of Chinese southern aviation row Asia the first, the whole world the 4th, it is before the Asia enters the world exclusively 5 strong airline, first what already resided domestic each airline 29 years continuously. Na Hang manages guest freight to lose a plane at present 342, whole world of route network understand 841 destination, join 162 countries and area. Na Hang has stuff at present 60 thousand more than person, among them the steward in sky makes an appointment with 6000 people, as transition of strategy of Na Hang international advance and of a large number of new aircrafts introduce, the profession that formal volunteer will become their lifetime ideal into the boat austral duty chooses the Olympic Games.
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