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Ministry of cabin of Na Hang Xinjiang: Through travel wind demonstrative window
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This net dispatch (reporter: Li Xuan of Pu twin? ) on September 17, 2008, municipal correct wind does a vice director to guide municipal correct wind to do, Xinjiang airport group is censorial management board of civil aviaton of ministry, Xinjiang is censorial branch of Xinjiang of ministry, Na Hang record be careful in one's conduct is censorial the group of test of association that the main controller of the branch such as the ministry forms, come to what ministry of Xinjiang branch cabin undertakes " travel wind builds " of demonstrative window unit to Na Hang check.

In the examination, cabin ministry is right in last few years be expert at wind builds concept of innovation of each the act in the job, service, service, the case that service tenet and job develop, taking result undertook reporting revealing one by one. The member that guide everybody to check composition saw the working environment of cabin ministry, surroundings and part found measure to wait. Municipal correct wind does a vice director to build the job to give sufficient affirmation and height the opinion to wind of cabin ministry travel, cabin ministry passed what " travel wind builds " of demonstrative window unit smoothly to check. Inspection team raised taller requirement to the travel wind construction henceforth: Afterwards

Add catchs good profession morality and service concept education, continue to pay good regulations institution fulfil, continue to catch good vocational training, maintain good travel wind to build the honor of demonstrative window unit, carry cabin department this external the window, the industry elegant demeanour with the scene of terrain distinguishing feature that shows Xinjiang adequately and outstanding branch of Na Hang Xinjiang.

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