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Invite applications for a job of formal volunteer special performance meets Olym
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This net dispatch (reporter:) On September 19, 2008, the Olympic Games that Na Hang manages cadre institute to hold in Beijing China civil aviaton is formal invite applications for a job of special performance of volunteer empty elder sister is met, attracted hundreds volunteer to sign up participate, through test and verify, quantity the link such as height, range estimation chooses, share many 160 player to be seleted, enter the written examination segment tomorrow.

The reporter sees in the spot, will join the player that invite applications for a job meets, have a plenty of the school that is in by them to send car, teacher to take a team to sign up personally, have a plenty of accompany to come round to sign up, have a plenty of travel-stained come from and other places of Qingdao, Shenyang, there still is smile of Olympic Games profession on their face, fly to enter field of duty of empty elder sister to put new round of dream.

Be in charge of the introduction taking an examination of an official of invite applications for a job according to Na Hang, with Na Hang before what invite applications for a job of empty elder sister can differ is, player of this Olympic Games volunteer is apparent on integrated quality prep above before. This batch of players are in bearing of temperamental, appearance, the way one speaks or what he says, formal wait for a respect to let take an examination of officials to shine at the moment, and integral quality is more orderly

Equalize, with the profession of empty elder sister the requirement has taller agree degree.

It is reported, the player that is seleted the first round, according to the steward in sky of Chinese civil aviaton recruit a standard, wait for link through written examination, professional interview, check-up, politics careful even, after all qualification will become Na Hang empty elder sister formally.

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