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Ministry of cabin of Na Hang Xinjiang: Sweet service is obtained want a guest to
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This net dispatch (reporter: ? 2008 of lotus root dry up year the flight number that Cz6907 Urumqi reached Beijing on September 17, crew boards the plane ahead of schedule, the private plane that has made group of happy for king of secretary of Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of committee member of central the Political Bureau spring and force of Bai Ke of · of Er of exert of municipal government chairman want a settle or live in a strange place guarantees the job. Cabin ministry is not

Often take this airliner seriously, designed select the demonstrative crew that has experience of certain private plane executes the mission, safeguard branch prepared head of seat of first-class stateroom cabin of private plane appropriative designedly piece, mat of cushion for leaning on, foot, look brand-new through decorating cabin appearance to become.

In whole range, steward provided the service of enthusiastic and considerate meticulous in a subtle way to want a settle or live in a strange place, make want settle or live in a strange places special satisfaction. King committee member and exert Chairman Er all the way very happy, besides talk about the job to talk about the daily life of a family actively still with steward, exceedingly kind amiable. The first-class stateroom cabin of the airliner still has a guest of hemiplegia at that time, steward assists a family member actively to take care of a patient, help cup of transmissive paper towel, water wait, return a help to support sb with hand go closet, provide attentive, considerate service as far as possible, let them experience the warmth of journey. Want guests to also look to be written down in the eye in the heart. King committee member says: "Girls are very painstaking, what you serve is very good. "Exert Er · overcomes force chairman to say in vain:" Today's journey is very happy. "Before the plane drops, they are mixed between the service willingly accept as a souvenir of crew group photo. Although crew all the way busy, do not have the tiredness of a bit however, everybody is very happy and contented, experienced the joy that plod harvests.

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