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On September 18, court of people of Beijing Haidian division accepted empty elder sister Miss Yan to sue Beijing embellish to inspect ophthalmic hospital finite liability company encroachs desk of issue of effigies authority, reputation authority.

Accuser Miss Yan appeals to say, in August 2008, accuser ever referred question of operation of the myopia that bend light 2 times to the accused hospital early or late, made a few groovy and ophthalmic inspections. The doctor enquired his individual information wanted picture of 2 pieces of lives after, accuser thinks is for operation around undertake contrast. On September 11, miss Yan discovers the accused is in " the letter signs up for " published oneself real full name and occupational are false photograph advertisement, because its became correctional and myopic operation in the accused hospital,pretend, just in the sky be able to become elder sister, oneself life also becomes more perfect because of myopic operation, but oneself did not make operation treatment in this hospital.

Accuser Miss Yan thinks, the accused falls in the condition that did not impose so that he agrees, use from

Personal effigies does profitability false advertisement, the job that gives prosecutor and life caused tremendous negative effect, the effigies right that violated accuser badly, reputation counterpoises. Reason appeals to to the court, requirement Beijing embellish inspects ophthalmic hospital clear the air of finite liability company, make an apology, compensate for RMB of each pecuniary loss 50 thousand yuan.

Current, this case is in cognizance.

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