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Volunteer of 300 belles Olympic Games becomes the steward in sky into Hai Hang
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Volunteer of Beijing Olympic Games becomes course of study of domestic civil aviaton to be contended for eagerly " sweet pastry " . On September 25 morning, belle of Beijing talent service center is like the cloud, these Olympic Games volunteers no matter appearance is temperamental, still be bearing of the way one speaks or what he says lets a person shine at the moment. 25 days, 26 days, limited company of sea boat group (HNA Group, the following abbreviation " sea boat group " ) Hainan aviation Inc. (Hainan Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Hai Hang " ) , empty limited company of big Xin Huahang (Grand China Air Co. Ltd. , the following abbreviation " big Xin Huahang is empty " ) will from 300 master choose to be the steward in sky among them.

The Olympic Games exercised a volunteer hard-working, go all out in work up, group collaboration and communicate harmonious wait for integrated ability, airline values this just about, for this he

People still adjusted what take staff for nothing to apply for a standard.

It is reported, hai Hang and big new Hua Hang are gone to before the belle volunteer of pitch on of sky general burden big talk grooms the airline ticket of base, and derate the high specified number of 3 months grooms cost, invite applications for a job can attract a lot of girls.

In interview, a lot of volunteers tell a reporter, after the Olympic Games passes, the society gave them a lot of chances, they also will grasp these opportunities adequately.

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