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"Ordinary in see the real situation " -- note the Party member beside
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This net dispatch (reporter: Li Gongxia of  ∶ ? ) she is a beside me good sister, also be me an everybody's accepted good Party member. She is Wang Ning, be born in March 1973, currently hold the post ofbranch of Na Hang Xinjiang to multiply Wu assistant of one branch administration, be engaged in since 1992 work by Wu in sky, conscientious from beginning to end on the job, willingly bear the burden of hard works, ask strictly in every respect oneself. Grow by Wu as, in cabin service, can guide more group an outstanding safeguard is good each airliner task. Be her be had deep love for to a when work by Wu and persistent, the is judged to be an unit advanced worker that makes her successive a few years, join a Chinese Communist formally 1998.

2001, the recombined Wang Ning to hold the position of a group leader job as a result of " of demonstrative group of " blue sky. In these 7 years, she grows everydayly to take exercise stage by stage by Wu by those who become to have certain organization capacity is outstanding grow by Wu. As the group leader of a demonstrative crew, she serves herself originally

Skill uses cabin service faultlessly, fill those who issue him command to communicate harmonious ability and group efforts ability, make cabin serve a brand, raise cabin to serve quality thereby. Write down she is just when number of set of replace blue sky is long, "Group of blue sky " just was awarded to be date of municipal youth civilization, group member it is newest establish, although be in,platform credit is built and the respect such as capital is very pallet, but guide in hers below, whole group is full of vigor and very tall job enthusiasm: Often attend a meeting together meet and discuss, give counsel, summed up the working experience that has him job distinguishing feature stage by stage, for example: All sorts of activities are developed on machine; Built bag of box of " of " blue sky; Built in platform credit deserve to have " of constellation of blue sky of chromatic pictorial " ; In using off hours to head for hemiplegia old people, the heart sees old person of orphans and widows; Go visitting troops officers and soldiers to army; Take care of orphan small Wen Jun for a long time; Worker of assist come off sentry duty is on working station afresh. . . . Etc. Kept girls of " of group of " blue sky's sweet track in lots and lots of places. Try hard a few of the member that pass she and series years ceaselessly, 2006, "" of blue sky demonstrative group is date of civilization of countrywide class young person by Rong Sheng of date of municipal youth civilization.

The working experience that the job of 16 years that multiply Wu brings to Wang Ning is: "Do not do criterion already, do be about to accomplish best. ", on the job, she affects each person beside with her enthusiasm. She passes old working experience to discover: Of the ceaseless development as socioeconomy and people living standard rise ceaselessly, the passenger demand on machine no longer mere bureau be confined to is satiate had drunk, be opposite however the higher demand of the service. When remembering flying in winter, because the weather is cold the ground is cold, a passenger of first-class stateroom cabin just got on a plane to criticise by Wu long king coulds there be: "How are you done? Is a bit hint given with the eyes also done not have? Do not know to help me carry take baggage? You see my hand. . . . . . ". Because be to reach northwest area for the first time,so this passenger is southern, did not take ample clothing and other articles of daily use and glove, and because was opposite,received corridor bridge that day, his hand, because be carried for long,take baggage and was frozen stiff. Look at the passenger's aching appearance, wang Ning serves tepid towel to brush a hand for the passenger hastily, serve hot tea drive at the same time cold, the service that uses in every possible way will alleviate the dissatisfaction of this passenger and be agitated. Although, the to oneself utterance when this passenger deplanes feels compunctious, but carry this responsibility, the subtle service that also passes Wang Ning just about let us understand the concept to the service. Every arrive winter, send the first cup of water on for the passenger, can much preparation heats up tea; In the summer, can much backup an iced beverage and towel; When the passenger prepares to rest, the help has filled up the pillow; When the high and level tone of 給 passenger is sent his respects to, serve a genuine smile first. . . . . . . She imparts this service concept group member, apply every airliner that flies in place of " of group of " blue sky to go up.
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