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Shallow the steward in talking about cabin to serve quality and sky is integrate
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Shallow the steward in talking about cabin to serve quality and sky is integrated quality

This net dispatch (reporter: The discretion of quality of the steward in bad of actor of quality of service of Qiang? cabin and sky is close together and relevant. The steward in an eligible sky should have good integrated quality, the program changes the general character that the service basically is passenger of with a view to to ask. And individuation, human nature changes a service is try on the basis that changes a service in the program outspread. More refine, specific, more the requirement of passenger of press close to, can reflect service quality more. The integrated quality that improves cabin to serve quality to must increase attendant on a train above all and the integral quality of the personnel that multiply Wu. And core is aggrandizement individuation service, introduce human nature to change the concept of the service. It is highest administrative levels, the service of highest state.

One, the concern that the program turns service and personalized service: Still the gender goes straight towards  of  of blain of Di of discharge of brandish of  of leech of R of  of Jie of silk ribbon of  of blain of Di of grave of Jian of Zhuang of Da of Zhi Kang of  of  of  of Fu annulus cover with a straw mat to pat Jian of  of ざ of V of a drum used in the army in ancient China to mire already ぐ of V of boil abundant  steps on Zhuang Jian of coerce of  V brandish Jie of some silk ribbon

Leakage forgets. Same, the job of cabin steward also should emphasize working standardization, the program is changed, forget in order to reduce the ado in the job and accident leakage, improve service quality. What Dan Fei clerk operates is a plane, and the target that the steward in sky serves is a passenger, so their job has same point to also have clear distinction already. Standardization, the program changes the minimum requirement that the service is the steward in sky, but the various to seeming people that serve as a result of steward, they have various demands, raise service quality to must emphasize personalized service so. The program changes a service is with a view to the general character of all passengers asks and make, and personalized service is a program those who change a service is outspread, more refine, more specific, more press close to the requirement of all sorts of passengers, can reflect service quality more. There is Chinese of Chinese, foreigner, foreign nationality, abroad countrymen residing abroad in our passenger; Have male have female, have often have little, have official of scholar, expert, government, industrialist... . Experience of quality of culture of the citizenship as a result of them, nation, sexual distinction, age, culture, psychology, society, hobby, consuetudinary those who wait a moment is different, the demand of the service is diverse also, can say differ in thousands ways. Should do well individuation serves, increased difficulty of intensity of the workload of the steward in sky, labor, job undoubtedly, unite a standard hard, hard the program is changed. Cannot intuitionistic, quantify. But executive individuation service can develop the potential with the respective steward in sky most again, creativity ground begins servive routine, obtain the result of get twice the result with half the effort. The individuation that how gets hospitable cabin serves? We must stress the integrated quality of steward. 2, the integrated quality of the steward in sky and the stand or fall that serve quality cabin to serve quality, basically depend on steward is integrated the discretion of quality. Look in average person, the job of the steward in sky, no more than is the tea that carry end, pour water, dot build asks good just, without much higher technology content; Also somebody thinks, the normative program operation that should go up according to book teaching a course in the steward in sky went, leader, passenger is spotless. However, in my working practice, feel be not such, standardization of bureau be confined to, program changes a service, although your service is very normative, in an orderly way, make a passenger very hard also completely satisfactory. Cabin service needs beard individuation, human nature is changed, fang Nengzhen is winning the passenger's heart.
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