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H2B visa
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H2B visa is to give the casual that place of worker of blame agriculture foreign country signs and issue to make visa, advocate the affection that if if employer can prove the unemployment that is in the United States,say the worker is medium,does not have appropriate person selected falls all right, the casual that employer can think foreign worker applies for H2B makes visa. Its application process and the photograph of process of green card application that are a foundation with labor card are similar, differ exclusively the H1B that depends on place of Ministry of Labour signing and issue, do not accept the obligation of code, but the application that USCIS can decide to approve H2B independently however.
What kind of position suits the visa of H2B?
Foreign worker wants careful to ask the visa of H2B, the post that employer offers needs to accord with the following 3 element: &Nbsp;
The demand of working position and employer must be one-time, seasonal, and be fastigium or of intermittence;
Working hours must short at a year;
The worker that must be in him United States falls without the circumstance of appropriate person selected.
In what accession should employer offer the application of H2B?
Employer should be before need worker job least 60 days, but the application that H2B does not offer inside more than 120 days at most.
Does employer need abide by what to kind of measure search to obtain the visa of H2B?
Want to obtain the visa of H2B, employer needs to abide by the following 7 measure:
Employer should offer the application of 750 form in local State Workforce Agency (SWA) .
Next SWA can inform employer of the requirement about recruit employee, compensation and working environment offer, and the candidate that refers qualification goes to employer interview. The American citizen that employer still can be become to ask for person advertisement to prove to do not have qualification by the requirement or the requirement that the dweller accords with this position. Employer still needs to prepare a report that sign a person, summarize the result of an effort, the full name that includes an applicant, address and the reason that were not admitted are waited a moment. The American citizen that employer must prove to do not have qualification or the requirement that the dweller accords with this position, and perhaps reside public feelings without American citizen wish to be minimum wage (or the pay of the tower above minimum wage that employer place offers) and the job.
Pass after evaluating, SWA will transmit this application to proper national case handling center (NPC) .
The Certifying Officer of NPC (CO) will check this application case, if discover the American citizen that does not have qualification really or the dweller is OK employ, and this position can not affect American worker photograph the compensation of similar position is mixed the word of working environment, CO can approve this application.
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