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Teach your distinction to study abroad visa and visa of go to school
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The school that should enter is different, the qualification on visa also differs somewhat.

Qualification of go to school: Lingustic school / of all kinds school (6 months are during stay, 1 year)

Study abroad qualification: Lingustic school / university / university courtyard / specialize in the school (1 year is during stay, 2 years)

Have in lingustic school gift study abroad qualificatory school, also have gift the school of qualification of go to school.

In stay qualification and during the curricular sort that sets according to the school is different and alien. Also do not see so that do study abroad qualificatory school is relatively good school. Each school has the distinguishing feature of each school.

In principle of visa of go to school is 1 year of deadline. Giving 6 months the school during stay only is not just new maintain, get the school that into the country management board controls namely (the 5%) that the student that because its are illegal,sluggish is in exceeds fixed number of persons.

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